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Transcendental War - Battle Between Gods (Zyklon)

The snake and the deers, corroding on the tree of the world. It`s your symbol of cosmos, axis-mundi. The downfall of the powers, representation unparalleled. Catastrophes of nature, battle between gods, social dissolution. It`s a coming, a second coming. Stronghold of the world in ice and cold. Time of axe, time of sword, a wolf on chase, a world on fire, extinguished only when the land is sinking. Development back to chaos, it`s your illusion, sombody else`s disillusion. An alleged opposition between powers Appearances without masks. No one trying to harmonize latent conflicts. Origin and creation, explanation of the later development. Cosmic model, primordial murder. Irreversible time, a different material foundation. Time is not returning, the new world will rise once and for all.