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Ways Of The World (Zyklon)

Lack of motivation? At every occasion Tell me, did you earn your name? So why did you reckon it would bring you fame? Lack of understanding? It's kind of demanding So then, did you earn your respect? I'd rather say you suffer from a defect Condemn the free mind, salute conformity For now, it will at least bring humility For all what it's worth - past glory I bring no comfort Lack of dedication? That's why I'm on medication Well, how did you ever earn your integrity? You're nothing but a failure in eternity Lack of measures? I never found any treasures Now, how did you get your crown? For me it'll represent the lake in which you'll drown Condemn the free mind, salute conformity For now, at least it will bring humility For all it's worth - final cut I will keep my mouth shut