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Worm World (Zyklon)

Planetary sickness, the state of the world. Time, Death, God; inbreed overkill altered through decayed moral causing global infection. Compulsion of matter, the remaining part of dreariness and obsolete dejection. Man breeds ignorance and fatality. Empty eyes and a soul forsaken, an intellect like zero, reasons for pandemic genocide. Human trash, wasted flesh, is that what you wanna be? Practise what you preach. In despite of development from chaos humanity has degenerated in relation to the primordial state. Misconception and misinterpretation of values, surrounds you like a mental drape. You stink - that`s how you are. You reek - that`s what you`re at. You are mentally dead - that`s what you`ve become. You are matter without content - that`s what you`re all about. And you thought you were the highlight of the ladder of evolution? No matter if you do your best, it`s still a worm world with you in the middle of the viper`s nest.