Ectoplasmic Iconosphere D.1 (Wormed)

Drag of crime in the path of dupe Crushing the brief of human counts Anger; hate is the blame Ghastly sounds stun my fear Stun my fear Abysmal lunatic nuclear gallows Abysmal lunatic nuclear gallows Under gorgeous neutron Central nerve cell Under gorgeous neuron Lubricate the sphere Blasting the repurcussion Thoughts of repitition Blasting Codes of steel Inorganic life falls Codes... Suffering, in the master sphere Nucleus, of shiny burning light Electrocute the mystic plague Dreaming in black, the grave is near Their own chants intrude An archaic broken measures They shall be unknown In the cold deformed majestic horizons Chaos, bizarre hard world Fire, of burning crime Plasma, intensify the pain Metal, sign of the ectoplasm