Ectoplasmic Iconosphere D.2 (Wormed)

Angel of sphere, crushed by inside Mercury spouting the grinding hemisphere Circular columns astral images, fillings Amazing construction of hybrid badges Monumental theater collapse, evaporating slowly Illusion poor decadence! Softening of the virus Enlargement of the crack, losing their hope Blind, blind on deceit blind, blind on deceit Automatic genetics in total revolution Incoming murderers of powerful thoughts All in chaos, disfigured afraid volumes Souls in pain, inconceivable suffering Freezing of the forms in indescribable disaster Break horizons, fantasy of another world Gigantic knives of titanium Making to sprout the blood of the ground Defining the edge of the negative poles Freezing the turbulent wave of death Electric erosion of the buried towers Stone and metal... unity Phantasmagoric deficiency of ectoplasm Inflated by an hydraulic machine Melting with the elements Inverted raising fulminated