Nucleon (Wormed)

Expulsion Abstract vector space Electrons are totally ripped free from the nuclei Super-sonic interplanetary shock waves Accelerated the shock waves from supernova explosions Vast signals propagating along the straight lines Plasma bubbles disrupt critical radio signals (Something is wrong again) Successfully I see the giant circles galaxy collisions Huge clouds of gas and dust are sprinkled with bright blue young stars Ultraviolet radiation secuence Incubating new stars Sculpting environment and gradually eroding gas clouds Dominated emission Tenuous magnetic-fields Twelve-dimensional re-construction of krigshu structure Propulsion trajectory estimated crushing force of gravity Estimated They said 'good luck' on the earth Intrusion of human feelings on my head Oscillations, the voxel shrinks cosmos background Cluster II advise the infiltration Duplicating my virtual operations first Cause Organic are fragmented