Tautochrone (Wormed)

When this infinity reigns the order of this virtualized actual metaverse The final stages of evolution Will be connected by wormholes This is becoming a major threat, I've to mechanosynthetizing (my reactor) Atomic precision it can only happen once the universes are aligned on to the curve Arriving at the same time Breaking the dark matter barrier I feel like I'm being observed By an extraterrestial scanner It's not possible In a forgotten dimension Far beyond the void Cycloidal heterochrony This is my descent, under my non-gravity fusion torch Penetrating the membrane Planets orbting me Penetrating the membrane Penetrating My HUD an expanded prototype Struggling to find every energy resource Power descends bio plasma I need Radiant flux heads meaningful answer gathered Collapsing hosting of voxel The end recedes Driving in to the oblivion Insufficient data found Broken Fragmented Lost