The Nonlocality Trilemma (Wormed)

The call listener Entering the floating transporter The journey turned out to be a long one Physical laws are no longer exist Tuning last radio messages sent from earth Breaking the barrier of spacetime I shouldn't listen to them Solar system terraformed Unfavourable alternatives Testing all the elements Unfavourable alternatives Testing all What is the use? What are the worth, now? What is the use? What are the worth! What is the use? What are the worth, now? What? Through the arch of supernova who remains still is maintained unvarying in time collecting and compressing hydrogen From the interstellar medium thermal equilibrium I would have become extinct here Fardepth It's all over It's all over Through the winding paths of the stars My feet never more will tread the land Distressed with magnetohydrodynamics This have to be solved simultaneously Either analytically or numerically Entropy of the fluid, element reconditioned Conductive and radiative pathways approaching Source is clear Earth is doomed