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Blindly Firing (Eyedea)

What's your definition of dope? 'Cause I think our opinions differ 'Till your own skills develop, be wise and shut the hell up I told you man, I'll fold your plans You know you can't be colder than me With a microphone in hand I'll show your fans I own this land My flow's intangible Expanding growth that stands and holds hip-hop on a cross Lickin' shots for the lost vision Listen: It's imbedded in my genetic code to push the evolution Clean up the pollution and let the rhetoric grow So your records get sold and with each blow You give, adds tad more gold to eat whole out of your cracked peach bowl As we go without rules, the freedom of independence we breed So we'll eat 'till we're full, keep control and bleed at slow-mo speed, you know? I weave and sew my way through this imaginary land of fairies and trolls Tryin' to bury the scroll I carry a load that weighs way more than my area code Vocabulary unfolds so that you cherish the very story of merit you're told Your character's bold, but build a barrier Spare your words before you perish Don't be careless, apparently to share a paragraph tears your nerves Heard you grew some nuts Now you think your crew don't suck? Stupid fucks In a battle you'll still lose to us [Chorus] This one's for all the people in the world that think they can get with this Eyedea and Abilities, you know we be the sickest MCs under my feet with they names on my shit list This one's for you, this one's for you This one's for all my people lovin' hip-hop that are truly gifted Eyedea and Abilities, we only came to rip shit DJs with no cuts outside their self-inflicted wrist slits This one's for you, this one's for you What's your definition of dope? 'Cause I think our opinions differ I guess I don't know what's dope from the viewpoint of a listener So how's it sound? My new joints prove points Arousing styles of new nose for a thousand miles in any direction you point If I was your pal, I'd respect all criticism that was honest But I'm not 'cause you're probably an MC in the closet Subconsciously copyin' everything from the sentences to the penmanship Mad 'cause I invented what you can't even pretend to intend to accomplish Promise an end to this infinitely childish game Refrain from grabbing the mid and spare yourself some shame No, I don't sound the same And yes, I'm a little deranged But it ain't no thang 'cause lyrically, nobody can hang There's always room for admiring a pro But get off the jock Can't you see the tire swing is full? Oh, now you wanna call me out for offending your ears? Just chill, there's a billion other better ways to end your career, for real I can't even hear you skill-less motor mouths with total clout Adding up to less than zero, I'm your hero Don't go that route, I'll show you out now Peace to all the real MCs But first, I'ma show you show why my DJ's name is Abilities [Chorus]