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How Eye One The Write Too Think (Eyedea)

It took me a while to relize we were on the same page I was getting tired of reading it aloud in different ways I aint the only person that's traveled through this maze Not really sure whether it was me or them that was craaaaazy Digging a hole in every single system, lit the candle to envision What's lost in this position, crossing out superstition Sitting in a time macheine. A bleeding mind dreams Of beating my esteem to give the crime scene shining bling. I'm no longer a boy scout... Cause punching myself in the face Wont neccasarily get the voice out! That's something no one ever took the time to point out But I had to learn to whisper before I could enjoy shouting Periodically I feel like I've wasted my breath And all I've got to show for is paper stained ink But I aint really trippin a the end of the day... Cause life is experiance and this is how eye won the write two think!