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On A Clear Day (Eyedea)

[Chorus] Clear I can see for miles Clear I can be myself Clear I can sit in my place Clear I'm not part of this race Clear I'm not in this alone Clear I got freedom to roam CLear I can sit in my place Clear I withdraw from the race Excuse me, But there's so much here for you to touch And there's nothing I can do to make you give a fuck Sometimes everything aint enough When the eyes are tired from wearing the tires handcuffs If i was content sitting i wouldn't need to stand up Why am i living if i can't love? Wanna scream at the top of my bleeding lungs Never meant to break your trust Just wanted to wake you up Once before I left a dispersal to search for clarity Either they're scared of me or laughing hysterically Im just a parody Of something that apparently was never properly prepared to bleed Oh how do i wish that i never learned to cry When your only reply is waving your hands from side to side Im lost, cause im my own tour guide And if i ever talked to myself I'd probably tell lies But for now i sit in this disfigured toadstool Showing the face of a child who only smiles because he's told to Sometimes I look to me for the answers And I don't know what to do Im probably just as confused as you [Chorus] The cord sprung a leak