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On This I Stand (Eyedea)

On this I stand Two sets of footprints placed ahead of the dirt softened from tear drops And overlooking the earth as the son of the moon Protected by a forcefield of pure thought.. On this I stand A rally of unemployed disgruntled words spawned from long journeys through somewhere Somewhere that only causes me pain as I strain my soul crammin it with (light?) So I could bring some there. I bleed the blood of a cold stone that roams without a shadow I'm only deep enough to realize that I'm shallow My head I keep it up but it's hard to keep it straight When you don't believe in love, And you just can't cope with hate Metal rust, leaves turn into dust, As the difference between love and lust clarifies as trust If you only had an hour to sum your whole life up Would you spend that hour sayin that an hour ain't enough I've escaped the shell that bound me to cowardness Now I'm faithful to the wind but compared to it I'm powerless The first step was made, and it was a fair accomplishment The pond was sittin still, so I threw a rock in it And as my reflection rippled it all became clear The seasons always change so there's no reason for fear We made an autobiography of our pivotal years Its all I got and I'm giving it you because I care See, a lot of the time humans as artists exist in a self-projected state of falsehood Were either too close to our image to stay objective in our perception, Or too far away to be subjective in any matter This only widens the void in social conformity Introduced to our souls at birth and so I write. I don't write without the intention of objectivity Or attention on the image But only as an omni directional bridge Between the several (floating, tunnel structured?) Realities present in comprable space and time. See I don't write for the future, I write about the future, for the present I write with my past, about the future, for the present. On this I stand The oasis of a limbo adjacent to my generation, facing out the window Waiting for some ventilation, patient while the wind blows Graceful in it's demonstration, overall innovation. On this I stand A fountain of youth sovereignty, (found in?) syllables more than a pound of flesh Deep breath of achievement, a dream and a wake up call Another haul of the quest. On this I stand Another loved civilization. On this I stand The purity of creation. On this I stand A paradigm for self. On this I stand I thank you for your help. On this I stand My first born child. On this I stand Something for now. On this I stand Life, love, death and hate. On this I stand An album, glad you could relate. Peace...