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One (Eyedea)

This world is my cave And the cave molds the background Of a picture painted by you (Distorted lyrics that are hard to understand) Hey yo it's time (Yeah it's time) Yeah it's time (Hey yo it's time) Hey yo it's time It's time to clean MTV outta your ears And listen up like a good student Eyedea and Abilities is here to turn robotic sheep back into humans I gotta speak so the facts get heard I collapse the last fractured nerve This is much more than just your average rapper's words Acid burns and laughter hurts The passengers to my head flight Dead right if a clash occurs that ass get served Better luck next life I plaster germs on the wall of shame Cause their songs are all the same Playin, talkin how you platinum on the first record you ever made And the underground MCs these days don't seem to make the grade Too busy bein bitter bout they're situation To create a greater way to break their chains To that phase (?) And I don't trust the mangey mutt label Pets talkin dog shit I'll break your neck frame your nuts And hang them up in your boss's office See me auction off hits easy For low prices I flow nicest Write at night to fight off poltergeists Catapulted by some iris (?) The hopeful light is the virus of the whole crisis Souls like this collide with logic and modestly deposit Metaphysical greetings And I didn't come alone Abilities annihilates the Techs while I wreck the microphone We're in your zone to keep your earth warm And give you what you thirst for This is Turntablism and Lyricism Imperialism First Born