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Reintroducing (Eyedea)

We bringing it back to basics Situated under the basement The nation is garunteed To hit the pavement You slept, now your bobbing your head So hard you left with a Permanent injury to your neck The turn of the century's way behind We raped the time when she gave birth To the First Born drafted this design What! You thought our second record wouldn't be live? Surprise! Why did it take you so long to relize Only the strong survive Without the need for comprimise No one's above us in context Your whole genre's elevater music Playing on the way up to where my song sits You've sold a lot of records But I've gotta question How many ended up back in the used section All of them!!! Yeah Abilities beats bang But he aint making nothing for you So stop calling him I had enough of these pretty punk MC/DJ Duos psuedo boy bands Holding hands in public Your candy coted condom flavored karaoke cover songs Are no longer accepted so I suggest you exit Back on the mission to corrupt human brain waves Unconcerned with circumstantial targets When we learned to aim straight With every ending there comes a new beggining Listen we 'bout to clue you in On just what you've beed missing