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Void (external Theory) (Eyedea)

Days turn into years. "A" students turn into dropouts Seeing the world from a creative angle turns into seeing it from a couch Orgasms become lifetimes. Bong hits turn into white lines A face becomes a dartboard and cardboard becomes a house Boys turn into men. Enemies become your friends Losing turns into winning and the beginning becomes the end Words turn into magic. Rewind becomes a habit Rabbits become vultures and cultures become trends A party becomes a funeral. Sunlight turns into cancer The rain turns beautiful. An unusual question becomes an answer Happiness becomes a cataract. A sip turns into a six-pack And Earth turns into Mars as my album becomes a standard A hero becomes a statistic. A lost soul enlisted The potholes are lifted as the hot coals leave you blistered A sickness becomes a teardrop. A cup of coffee becomes a long day Your best friend's guidance becomes the wrong way As the song plays my voice becomes the past, present, and future Transportation becomes pollution as humans become computers Time becomes space. Minds become waste And a person becomes less interested when a mic becomes an instrument An age turns into a nightmare. Love becomes hate The nine becomes a zero and every country becomes one state All you thought you knew was just a foolish assumption Yes, everything is something. But something is nothing