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Comin Back (Reveille)

is anybody out there? have you been lost in the sky? do you really need a miracle to open your eyes? take a look around, mother fucking fantasy rides now how the hell could you ever ask god for a sign? moon rise, sunset, understand what i'm saying yet? life's what you make it, don't let time take it i gotta stand on my own in my own light i'm not picking you apart i'm just trying' to pick a fight 'cause there's an owl on somebody's roof tonight and you know what that means, right? comin back- no more pain, no more games i'm comin back- the more things change, the more i stay the same comin back- you say that you won't but you will i'm comin back- i don't need your help in fact i know i'm comin back- i'm comin back now i'm comin back it's not like i like to talk about this shit but sometimes it's best to just set yourself free suppression leads to depression and then some and that's why i fall so far from this tree like the fruit lay beneath forbidden shade, any mark you make, with time, the rain will wash away but i found a way to break on through as long as hopes still waiting for me for when i come to the moon looked like skin cancer tonight in a photo negative see me dark and light- it hurt more than it felt good, understood? just because you cry don't mean it make you off the hook get you off the hook, you want me to get you off? i'm comin back, my stitches splitting my life for your sight come and take a bite drink for payback- blood sucker, suck me dry it's my turn, when your in the dust and your all alone it doesn't make a sound if you die