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Derelict (Reveille)

prepare to meet your maker, your unmaker, your remaker- make yourself don't fake, you'll make the same mistakes and if your fed up then ask yourself why because you sit around and pick at your scabs while your answer waits wake up, nobody cares about what you think and don't blame them because you know they're just like you and if you get this then get the fuck up- before you can't remember why you can't live and you're too late too fuck it up derelict now suck it up and deal with it find yourself set it if you get it, all this confusion imbedded in my head should let the dead bury the dead for good she said i'm so vain- i don't understand why i can't just break away from tendencies that i know i should wake up- nobody ever told you to breath have we forgotten everything we thought once true? i think i'll move on- 'cause i can't stand to lay around and decay till i'm too late too murder me destiny spare me the ignominy give up insecurity just be what you wanna be compelled to procrastinate i nearly go blind from sight forget it insane i say come set it if you get it right find your self