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Farewell Fix (Reveille)

i'm sorry that i put you in the picture, i didn't think you'd hit your head so hard the frame looks better all crooked on the wall, kinda reminds me of the way we are- the way we lie and victimize ourself now is it me or do our secrets matter more than our health? i nail my hands down just to feel the way that he felt- but can't scream with near enough strength to cry for help i feel the ground give beneath my feet, i can't handle anything that you say and i pray that it's possible to- birth your better off now take my word and just walk away but what can i say? i love the way she hates- i love the way she hates me don't make a move, i got that exit wound from pride and now i realize don't make a move, i got that exit wound and i've cried myself dry no limits to pain, i've bled for you now bleed for me- 'cause no one ever told you that it wouldn't be hard i've got flesh full of ink just waiting to drip so come and take your best shot you know i'll love you by dawn after we've cum and gone over the power we chased i think i'm way too late- my hate's taken my place because the only thing that ring represents these days is the mark that it left in the side of my face for every fatal breath i've held, for every harmful truth i've spit, had everything i'd ever need, and every time i'd scream myself sick say goodbye to this drug- i've got a new soul to steal i'm on my farewell fix- i've got a new soul to steal