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Feel (Reveille)

Everyday people are preyed upon Some fight, some fold, others play along But now it's not another story off the evening news Not just a stastic the warnings use Seventeen years and a dose of reality Two years back seems like yesterday Raped, tortured, robbed of pride Innocence lost- torn from inside So I step aside and flet life run its course A handful of predators driven by a darker force And there's nothing I could do I thought I knew you Feel, come into reason Feel, come into me Heal, feel, I wanna make you squeal It's payback time, though it hurts to repeal Cause I've tried so hard to make it stop But it lurks in my dream and lingers in my thoughts I couldn't talk, they wouldn't respect me So I told myself that it didn't effect me But it does, it hurts so much Now the mask is on- I've grown numb to touch (chorus) I want you to hurt like I still do You've taken so much that you can't replace I want the pain to come rolling through I want to see it rolling down your face I want you to me Because time can only heal so much I want you to feel it you motherfucker I want you to feel it you fucking pig I want you to feel what I felt I want you to- feel