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Flesh And Blood (Reveille)

You used to be someone I could trust But all of that didn't last to long I don't know what I can believe anymore God, where the hell did we go wrong? Your silence shatters my sense of hope How could this happen? what did I miss? My whole world's falling down around me God, how could desert me at a time like this? I'm not perfect, nobody's perfect But what the fuck was I supposed to do? I'm washing my hands, I'm cleansing my soul Now all I had will die with you So bury the good and let that shit rot Cause if your only question's what's in it for me Well then you might as well gouge out your own fucking eyes For there are none so blind as those who will not see Flesh for food and blood for wine Because some scars don't heal with time Because my scars won't heal with time And all my love was left behind Flesh for foond and blood for wine But flesh and blood- never divine