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Judas (Reveille)

Can't understand? guess I'll paraphrase And allow this spark th set the mic ablaze Because all my rage just builds up inside 'Till there's no place to run and no place to hide Now I gotta revive, gotta resurrect Because we can't survive without and intellect check in retrospect and what's ahead looks bleak So take away my name and send me up the creek But don't attempt to repent, you had your chance Now the mask is on, you're in the blind man's dance You gave me your word you lying hyprocrite- fuck you Wake up, wake up, it's your wake up call Now the imperious leaders of our heavens fall We gotta drop the ball on the gats below Because what you reap is what you'll sew We gotta let them know, gotta make them pay For it's the hate upon which he'll pray So I'm breaking away because I've figured you out So now your number's up but don't cound me out You had your chance, you lost your chance Now that I see you're in the blind man's dance You gave me your word you lying hypocrite- fuck you Gotta learn to practice what you preach You welcome me with warmful hands You build me up just to break me down A tear collects and forms deep within Now trapped inside I gladly drown A drop of water is turned to ice Your satisfaction at my expense Now at my timely sacrifice With truth upon my dying breath Beneath your eyes lie the mind of a hyprocrite Beneath your mind...judas