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Killing Me (Reveille)

one by one by one- one at a time out of time, can't even afford to breath decimate my own mind- one intent, because it's now and forever- better hold your peace increase, decrease, decease, release your mind i'm staring right back at the face I hate but not for long, forget the words, they're wrong you can talk your shit just get your fucking story straight killing me- does the temptation turn you on? killing me- my only hope, salvation- gone killing me- internal confrontations spawn killing me- fucked up again, some friend you'd better be ready for the worst- expect the worst modify me misery, i've grown soft inside retrogressing thought with time enemy of god designed to piggy back- pig, piggy, piggy back ride all the way down, all the way down, all the way home all the way back to where their father fell i'd hesitate to talk cause I can feel it in me i'm just too pussy- i'd rather rot in heaven than in hell killing me- suck it, suck it back further- this must be my penalty, a sneak attack murdering all my integrity it's self destruction, now i'm my own worst enemy identity is killing me killing me- why can't i see ahead of me recently i'm thinking i don't need you anymore killing me- i'll never be what i wanna be no release 'cause i know i'm my own worst enemy now it seems to be me and it seems to me- i am my own worst enemy killing me- my own lonely pretentious philosophy