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Perfect World (Reveille)

Your money isn't power so forget the green Its just feeding the fuel What makes the world go round? The same thing that lights the flame to burn it down Its a capitol branwash you must have avouch Call it your purse, more like suicide pouch Paper ain't a mean to pacify When your wisdom is in your wallet you can kiss your ass good-bye Rectify, this living policy is shit And all its lies got you choking on your own spit The seam has split, so spit or swallow But your lead i'll never follow So you can wallow in your own chaotic world A puzzle pieced by our imperfections Close your eyes, seal your lips, walk in fear Now do you see what i can see? Can you hear what I hear? Your fucking trophies, your sexual treasures Just hide the pain beneath your simple pleasures Desperate measures for desperate times Searching for answers it won't let you find It seeks to bind and then steal tomarrow Your heart is hallow, your mind is fried Soul is void, flat-lines will never lie (chorus) Despite your actions i will persevere Now do you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear? Hate, rage, greed, sin Ripples in the water, wrinkles in the skin Our own little perfect world A puzzle pieced by our imperfections We see no evil, we hear no evil We're all just victims of a perfect world