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Permanent (Take A Look Around) (Reveille)

Rape me of my innocence Admist these cold and rainy days There's so much hate beneath this sky My inspirations all washed away So tie me down and cut me up And pour my blood upon the earth No helpful hands to hold me up And I could give a fuck for all that it's worth Breath in, breath out, but take a closer look Because your life is laced and now you're hooked The hunter's become the hunted, when it rains, it pours And instictive push- you better lock your doors Take a look around-tell me what you see It's upside down, skewed permanently Take a look around- tell me what you find Just an empty search through a foreign kind I'm sickend by this odious scent Gently drifting on the breeze So much at risk, so much at stake And now we all fall to our knees So cut me down, and turn me loose And spill my thoughts upon the page A hopeless attempt to redefine Between our skyline and the seventh stage (chorus) Tell me what you see? Tell me what you find? Tell me what you feel? Take a look around-line 'em up It's permanent So you better check ya source You better lock your doors And take a closer look Because the choice is yours So get on or get off, give up or give in Get on or get off, take a closer look