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Plastic (Reveille)

Come count your trophies and stack em high, It's funny how reality can pass you by Little girl wanna be as pretty as she can and she lives by whatever it takes The lights in her room are all dark- And living doesn't hurt if you haven't got a heart so why not, Why not taste the pain? You've got nothing to lose and nobody to blame A hard shell for shame So come display your skillz, 'cause fuck lonely nights with empty bottles and pills At 50/50 fills per shot cum take her for a spin And I hope you like your sin with skin 'cause you can count me- out It's all for plastic- walking in your sleep It's all for plastic and it's only skin deep It's all for plastic- here's to your health It's all plastic so you can go fuck yourself Gasoline and broken glass Shaking in your coffin as the hearses pass Are you afraid that nobody can hear your screams? 'cause we're out here, We just don't care Pretty my pink, I can smell your stink- makes me sick And I don't give a damn what you think anymore Back down against the floor All for vanity, profanity and hells galore Liquid candy whore- suck it up, hold your breath Is it a taste of life or maybe just your death? Or better yet another chance for me to see right through Because it's not who you fuck but who the fuck are you?