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Untied (Reveille)

Once again its on, so bring that shit Now the war is on against the counterfeit We got the five man clan to keep the mic in check But now you're steppin' on my heels with disrespect You wanna ruffneck? well that's what you'll get Shit I'm back in effect, yo I gotta maintain Cause i don't need your help, I know my motherfuckin' name Un-tie-me, who's side are you on anyway? Bring the hours, brng the pressure It's all about finding my predecessor I'm a second guesser, I'm a pessimist Call me extreme- more like humanist You wanna get with this, try to sell me clothes? And then capture my image with the perfect pose So you can stamp on it, sell it, steal my fate But I'm the one you don't see coming 'till it's too late (chorus) Snappin' photos, dealing green It's all about living in some other man's dream Can I handle the truth when the moment comes? Can I stand the heat under the sun? Because the sun is bright but not pure like rain And I long for the back when that was in my veins And it was all so clear what it was all about Just make a statement and never sell out un-tied