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Autumn Is My Sin (Nahemah)

From the deepest dream I caught a glimpse of the silhouette I was seduced by the purity That could never be tamed Just as time does to leaves in golden fall My worst nightmare Was a sweet tragedy That lifted itself over the bare trees On an agonizing, desolate and withered forest A fatal winter dwelled in my heart When she raised her eyes And shaved me the blaze of the moon And I adored her A tear falls in the loss of time Under the weak light of my being And its trail is nothing more than my soul Pleadings from a sacred dawn Just ironic voices in my mind Whilst the honey tingled on my lips I was crucified Thrown to the passion of the night Which embraced me with its pearl towers And I knew misery A dying christ was a heresy That fell over me Through the tainted lights of an illusion Of a god that looked at me with scorn Only then could I visualize my dream My communion with her in the deepest passion Of pagan eroticism Fog is her silver veil Covering two drops of water With the most subtle dark fragrance Drowning me with her movements til the ourance A life full of black roses My wife, I have shaved blood with you Underneath the shadows of the crows That taint the sky To sucumb to the beauty That pulled me down drowning me In the days in which the grave sang for me