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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Ochre Mantle Stare (Nahemah)

Light springs in her shadowy eyes Like greenshine moons Exploding the skies Wide-opened portals of pure essence Towards the ochre mantle Shrouding her stare Desecrated canvas Of morbid inspiration A fire chrysalis Squirms within the nucleus A mind's extent meandening Blindly nibbling The mutilated reality Across the intangible temples Among scattered constellations Of ideas and yearnings The flaming hand emerges And carves the communion Between flesh and soul Ecstasy released your image Buried beneath the ruins Of my golden empyrium Casting your ravenous light Between the emaciated pillars, Enchanting my concience Slowly the blood traces a memory Spilled senses in turbulent cadence A momentary god drunk with vertigo Eternity disgiused in art's spheres Hysteria drags me down Painting in death your image