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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sybilla (Nahemah)

Behold the palace And it's scared princess Ravens flooding the skies An endless funeral Of dimensions and times Unleahses her cosmic distress Night is falling In unmeasurable majesty Stars, shining in malice Sibylla, raising thy mighty chalice Tearing the curtains Through blasphemy Clouds shiver with fear Awaiting the sanguine blaze And infernal entities Feather their wings to ascend With such rage beneath their souls As our spirits can comprehend The seals are open Thy reuqest has been sent A voiceless crowd The silent servants of Satan The universe, undressed for thee Unveiled its unborn secrets Thou hast drown in a trance Caress the sands of the depths Sorceress supreme Intoxicate our dreams Bringer of pure evil That emanates from prophecies Our blindness will be thy eternal force