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Flight 28 (Žbirka Miroslav)

Cadd, C, F Cadd C F Come on, let me say the trip has just began Cadd C F We're flying to the clouds near to the sun D Gmi And if there's anyone you left down on the ground C F On the way back home they'll still be there to find We're going to the places you've never been before Ten thousand miles away or maybe more You will see the things you'll never see again And in the end of it, it's hard to leave a friend B Gmi Dmi Well, I see your face and I notice that you smile B Gmi Dmi Well, I notice that you smile instead of cry B Gmi Dmi Well, you're right, my friend, than listen for a while G C 'cos maybe you're not coming back again Talking to the people you've never told before Walking down on streets of which you've never ever thought Swimming in the sea, lying, taking sun Well, I hope you come back home, Mr. Brown Well, I see your face and I notice that you smile... Fasten your seatbelts and, please, do not smoke In twenty minutes we're landing, that is not a joke 'cos if the angels gone wrong, we'll be set on fire And to stand on ground again is our desire