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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Ayo (Chrishan)

Eh oh eh I heard you're single for the night girl Doing whatever you like girl Some racing in my ride girl Like you've been racing through my mind girl I want you to get it on top of it running like a roller-coaster Do you by the screaming and under seated do it like we in post to Speed it up and then eat it up like it begin nice and slow I'ma get begin nice and slow, I'ma give you what you want Ayo eh, in between your legs Fucking up your hair, your hair I'm just screaming Ayo eh, all up in my bed, girl your body so wet, so wet Girl just screaming Ay eh, this nigga don't play Eh oh eh this nigga don't play Eh oh eh, this nigga don't play Eh oh eh, this nigga don't play You know exactly what to do girl Pop the bottle and make you move girl Drop back and then make it uh girl Take your time, slow the dime and act the fool girl No I don't play when you ground my way Bout that light put it on the play Pop that shawty put it in my face Eat it up drop down let me feel that base Bet I wet turble jet and it ain't quick sense If it don't oh shit Swimming going deep yeah oh shit Do your body wanna shake make your legs go... I'ma your shit, bet you ain't never had a quite like this I'ma go get it, never been a quitter Knock it one time is the one hit up Back to back to back on me, back to back to back on me Love you when you have to scream