Absolute Conviction In The Accolade (Axis of Advance)

Needles piercing my frame from all directions Body thrashing, head collapsing, pressure building Paralyzing fear and helplessness like nothing seen before All my life passes by in a tiny flicker Was it real, all I feel, or all I felt is changing fast Faster, faster, pulling me down pushing me up all at once Vision accelerated one million fold I see all my father's dreams My mother dying in a cave My body growing, my mind expanding Too much knowledge, not enough knowledge Brought to bear, the truths surrounding the soul A destiny presented itself to me No thought is necessary now I will go to this earthly place to gain unearthly strength Egypt, Egypt, Egypt From the vortex land Elmreckt and I returned Our land looks so ordinary and old There is nothing here to quench my new thirst The lord and I bid each other farewell and separate I now must find transportation to that far away dark continent