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Annihilation (Axis of Advance)

Desperation has taken it's hold Tension like that of a vise Squeezing to death the very soul Of a man born to die in this hell Hostile impact slices through The collective conscious hope Grudges can't overcome the panic There is just no way to train against this Bloodthirst, lust for slaughter Words that lack meaning as you watch your brothers die Kneel before the furious gods of genocide Betrayal by the cunning regime Pray to die quickly Fooled into the heart of devastation Never to walk again - as a free man War is the cell you must endure forever Hell, boundless hell Ruins, the rumble of flames Gas, smoke, death and the horror Minds changed, never the same Images, nightmares, screaming, sweating Again and again No one survives the dawn of the blackest day Loyalty demands suicide, it is our time Hysterical at the sight of blood I fought as hard as I could And all i think is annihilation Rising up from the depths of the human soul Mankind has no control All the world thinks is annihilation Annihilation - fight!