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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Cube Of Odium (Axis of Advance)

Seven Y's; No response The door is locked... the hydrox is off The food has run out That lens watches relentlessly (Constant) Hours pass like days Days like weeks (so weak) Cannot stand up to descry That slitdow (total weariness) Mouth burns, blistered, so dry Temp raising and lowering drastically Slow and sure they're torturing me They hate me now more than ever before (Now and forever more) Where - are they - there? Have they forgotten me...? I was their worker I did it good for them Days and nights a blur Nothing clear - greys - only shades No more toes, only one hand No commands, just screams of silence Brain rotting, skin greyish yellow from the urine It's as though my cells are coming apart And falling loose The body feels no pain now that all is numb Staying alove my only true battle - they've won My final task is just to concede Mind in complete decay, world looking away Repented vulgar shell at loss against the machine