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Edifice: The Power Of Three (Axis of Advance)

Hidden, under sea, underground We knew the time had come for our attack. When they came, unprepared, upon us We struck out in force and turned them into scrap. It spread Global phenomenon; The binds that held our race to slavery were broken Shattered Destroyed The God-Eye's final words were "You were born to die". The air, the earth, the fire, Scorched ground, the boiling of the seas Black smoke of red hot molten metal; Mankind forges a new age of casualties The essence of survival is to see Potential threats that may come to pass. Victory is meaningless unless sustained. Borders redrawn, crops resown, mankind will once again go it alone Left to his devices, he loses control Geography determines more than just trade flow Immergence of Three powers; a trinity Two unable to defeat the last, alliances form and break as in the past Eastern plane, new land, old world; Building weapons now the prime motivator Arms race, firestorm, catastrophe; Crushing forces like the world has never seen Bloody, endless, horror; Violence is the nature of our pedigree. The air, the earth, the sea, Crippling wrecks, slaves of nuclear fire Black smoke of red hot molten flesh Mankind once again proves its great worth