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Evanescent Judgement Of The Last Era (Axis of Advance)

Earliest relevant records recall An eastern double isle It ended in the 2nd global war It was the beginning of the earth sun era The world would never be the same Devastation, war and plague When it was over, order never came Kingdoms 'united' under a fallous blue flag Cold countries lived in fear Global conflict ever near Although militarily inactive The 3 largest nations plotted to ruin each other The new land to the west, the old world in the centre And the eastern plane: three incompatible societies Idealogy the reason, the new and old lands fought No blood was shed, but a weapons race procured All eyes turned to these great powers To maintain the balance of peace No attention was paid to the eastern plane Thought backwars, it was ignored Revolution caused the old kingdom's fall and collapse The new land declared itself the victor But the weapons, naturally, still remained And a northern alliance passed as law The world saw unprecedented growth In the east, mistrusting and scared men picked up their arms My father is said to have seen the whole thing The great death that was soon to come The now delicate structure of stability soon fell The fallen kingdom of old tried to make eastern amends Peace may have lasted two weeks and one day But the new land simply couldn't wait Rows of earth suns burned, the sky turned black No society survived the 2-day attack