God-eye Command (Axis of Advance)

"Hereby you, K479I0015, are summonsed to ladder transfer, begin 0100-101 from 001-0110" It dropped the file into my trembling hands Its voice... Colder than ice Its cloak... Blacker than night Its face... Shrouded in hood It left as suddenly as it came... And was gone I plugged the note into the eye-net; a mech photo file detail All those faceless, worthless wretches given faces, names, through ID tags The second part of the file was new faces, new ID tags Never seen any before: None smiling, old or young It wants me to kill I hate it hates me Staring at the lens I cry, I'll start tomorrow OBEY... TO LIVE... OBEY The third & final section was an audetail file The worlds enounced slowly, methodically "Obey to live obey to live obey to live obey" It wants me to kill I hate it hates me Spitting at the lens I cry I'll stop tomorrow