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In Wait Lie (Axis of Advance)

To revolt is to conform The game of mine now it's rule The escape becomes the brig A step ahead - what was mine belongs to it Black blood of corruption, filled with hate Overflowing, pumping in my sickly veins Thickening and boiling, pressure of rage In a cage, life leading to rampage If I stop now, what will they do? Will they see, will they care? Rancor, anguish, suffering, dread Y marks this day: no more killing Anticipating, staring at the lens Praying for war, praying for death Wanting for pain, wishing to die, but speaking not In wait lie, In wait lie, reverse the curse, from the inside In wait lie, waiting to die, give me my war, cowards Praying for war... Praying for death... Wanting for pain... wishing to die... Minding the kills... Hearing the calls... Fearing no hell... In wait I lie so still... A grin besmears my clammy face As rain trickles down my slitdow The cold relieves my hot head At least I know they're coming