Masterrorder (Axis of Advance)

Master order - ever watchful, the eye Unrelenting; all directions, all times Master order - doing what it does best to survive Unrelenting; human coal keeping it alive Two of them are about me they smell like outside (the rain) I must be lying on the floor so huge they appear to be One eye still working I blink it and they see Faces blackened out by cloaks but I know they see A draft not felt in so long Awakens senses dormant eternal Coldest air upon naked nerves Machines pity not even those most wretched One has a gourd in grasp with water it is filled The other holds a cask scenting of broth "Obey to live obey" they command Life of pain, breathing death, choking fear - thundering - nothing remains Agony for the heretic, total loss - tempest beseiged - nothing gained My throat too dry to respond Somehow they know this and place a cold device on my temple; one that speaks thoughts There is no emotion - no lying, no hiding, no escape All directions, all times, forever Humanity is the weakest link in the chain Broken at long last Garble comes out at first then half-words... [then random words, muffled sounding then "Obey to live obey kill me"]