Nix The Sphere (Axis of Advance)

Alone at last to see From dream-state to reality The power to nix the sphere Assured destruction now complete Gone, but not gone I've seen it coming all along A vow I made so long ago In truth, I wish i'd know nothing more The writings were my fate The remainder of life was a lie "This is a chance to transform" A calling known to be reacted to "Into the grandest form of all matter" Results far surpassing the expected "A light source at the axis of a system" Omnipotence beyond man's train of thought "Your self and your brothers of old will live on" Myself and the elder gods are one Together as one to watch The lines of the earth separating The power to nix this sphere See the humans die en masse Gone but not gone Useless cultures, weak ideologies Giant waves and earthquakes Flatten the shaking ground Foundation Seen from my throne high in the sky Some try to hide underground Others cower in the iron domes That protected them from Ra "Run for shelter, hide from the blast!" Send them straight to hell, make their pain the basis for this storm "Women and children and men alike!" Sniff the sweet reek of death Like so many before, but none left to come "The further we go, the longer we'll last" Pitiful remnants of hope make my task all the more amiable "We're all going to die!" A whisp of my hand, and it's gone Only the moon remains Edifice Triumph of my will All the thought and skill For a sacrifice Everlasting night And the sword and shield Only the dying wield Eternal reel of realms "I" am now "We" and we move on Pinnacle