Of One To Conflict It (Axis of Advance)

After adopting total rule Full control of all world matter All living, all mech, altogether they will learn that I hate them Never utter the word surrender reprobated to a life of hate Bond servant to the forceful machine rise and reciprocate this pain True or false, real or fake - it matters not; it never will Never know when it shall adjudicate or exemplify It knows because it sees all from our births to our ashes Human kind is the slave to the God-Eye it watches ever, and never sleeps (We are)Single filing, never speaking Raining, shining, night, day - faceless drones plodding on and on The air you breathe, the only thing that's free No purpose, no will, shells of what once was ours Ever fear and ever dread faceless, lifeless drone I was A burden, great, has brought me from my knees to my feet Stand up! Mystified... Hypnotized... All mankind I DEFY (OF) I DEFY (ONE) I DEFY (TO) I DEFY (CONFLICT) I DEFY (IT) I will no longer bear it I must rise alone While there is still time While this hate is still mine