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Primeval Expansion (Axis of Advance)

A hamlet lord had taken me in He was an elder lacking kin His wing was mentorous and protective The celestial erudition he was about to share As a boy i'd learned much on my own Recognizing pre-war signs and dialects But Lord Elmreckt was a master intellectual Capable of feats unproven by science The first step: to understand the fear To control the reflexes of mental lapse Following this: the medicinary state Where expanding the mind is possible by the use of linear projection And for long months, I listened, practiced and learned My mind's eye has transcended the scars of the earth My awareness immense, my instincts now honed Lord Elmreckt and I were tapping into the unknown And oh, the sight and the sound! Like a billion explosions, but black and calm And this alleged continuum of space and time? It is not at all like what is said in thr old world's books "Quiet" he said, "We are travelling at a humungous speed Down an unchartable quarter of the astral sleet" It was so intense that I felt death grip me Toy with me, follow me and then let me go Apparition: "There is a land far away across the violent sea 9000 solsti have passed since a dying and unearthly race Tried to cultivate there. It is important that their work is completed. Not for their sake, but for yours Amemnon" What is this... strange four legged creatures hoofing through desert lands Gigantic triangular structures... bizarre glyphs... and a... An opening for life of the universal nucleus