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Revolution Decimation (Axis of Advance)

X marks this day in the darkness, but within its view The blood from my boot lace garotte comes clean in a gutter wash Middle aged wretched whore Faceless, nameless, penniless Lying down, rictus twisted Extinguished from a long misery Sleep comes easy this night As a gear in life shifts They will emerge from the metal caves Punishment's mystery revealed The day of XX waiting they come not Choose they, to ignore? Or does it not know? Fear turns to anger... Turns to hate Revolution Decimation Something is furious... It's in us... It fears us Feeling the blood, oh, the blood A useless, nameless old man's blood As he drops, I stand waiting they do not come Like a stone, does it not see? It makes me hate it even more XXX the will to kill reality the final decamp Winds of variance; Rising force blood lust for invincibility A garotte turned to a poniard and now a gun Revolution Decimation