Structural Interpretation Via Superfluous Union (Axis of Advance)

Before arrival, the shores of Europa were seen I tested that land, saw things I could not believe Devastation and gloom, the humans ground into the soils Children stacked in piles, bodies used for coal Although in chaos, a government had control A Germanic old world army, allied with the south The eastern plane was still a threat War continued periodically with weekly air raids Fully aware of my calling for death I left that place and made well south The deserts here were full of the sounds Of nothing short of the planet's final breath (breathe) "10,000 years ago, 5 huge pyramids were created In the resemblance of the hunter's constellation ...A constallation which consists of 7 suns" Two more structures must be built To complete the portal Left by the dying un-earthly race This task is not possible without the Culmination of many hands Slaves are an option I would employ If the power was at my disposal Fucking mad I must be a fool for coming this far On hope alone, my voyage was for nothing My hate radiated viciously But it is never alone... I feel someone else's near After a fit of hopeless rage I track the scent Hate of this kind is rare in a man I'm closer now, a figure is before me Astonishingly, it is but a boy of ten! "Tell me son, what is thy name" "Ouodo" My throat tightened from this just reward A bond had been created from the dust of the world The plan can now be embarked on Carried out and finalized This child has a gift that I can't quite control And it would be useful when properly handled His ability was manipulation of telekinetic properties As time can mend, time will destroy Indecipherable words carved by hands dissimilar to mine But the calling was made and it's purpose will serve The end of all mankind is the word Formulae determine water demands As Ouodo grows, his efficiency shines The pressures fall and hydrogen ox paves the way Stones of this size can be simple to move as the topography dictates the easiest route 4 year pass and the pyramid south is completed The sign will live on "It is known that heaven on earth as it was intended Will not transpire without the actual destruction of it" The final structure must be built to complete the portal Left by the dying unearthly race This task now possible without A many handed culmination The solution is worth the inadvertent Atmospheric disturbances