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Supremincer (Axis of Advance)

Silence, a napping world awakens A new dawn that will bring nothing but pain Guidance through incompetent fools World "powers" collapse under the new rule Of a power seduced by a single thought of victory Weakened by a pronounced sense of fear Smaller nations are starting to disappear Under the sunwheel that fortells this fate in infamy War comes fast as diplomacy fails Humanity's weakness incapable of stopping The lust for the darkest path to victory Ashes of razed cities, rivers of blood The smell of corpses rotting day and night The mincer pushes forward, relentlessly The natural law, upon all laws of nature rest The struggle for existence For victory Bombs dropping every night What is to be attained must be fought for Conquest the law broadening hostility Gone are the ways of combat honour Terrain cratered like the moon As far as the eye can see, for victory Blood of the earth drained high and dry Smoke rises into blackened skies Feeding the insatiable hunger of supremacy Silence, the scars of war are all that remains