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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Veiled Last Of Judgement (Axis of Advance)

It comes to me these nights In half-conscious-state visions Staring at the lens the one ever staring at me It can matter not to them When toilers fall in the night One less wretch to watch I am a stress reliever to them Even in rebellion, I am still a slave They do not come because they do not care Vision is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power The God-Eye sees all and does nothing A rogue with unwashable bloody hands Destruction staving off the serene Exhaustion returns with no sleep again Madness taking hold Never knowing when they'll come Or what discipline they will deal Frustration carving up my thoughts Madness takes hold Impossible to evade the lens I hate this world more than myself Before I fall, others must suffer Can the other side be seen? If it can, I must be the witness To spy on the spies with my own eyes Starting to hear voices Quiet commands, Unveiling, Unraveling, Plotting Extinction