Ancestry Of The Antichrist (Byzantine)

A fabrication woven from a burning Bush Sent thousands to expire in a desert for oil Our trust floats away in a pool of it's own blood Snuffed out by our leaders to annex the soil Fire at will Let me reiterate we have bought into the scam Halliburton's running Uncle Sam Abusing our military might We have to stand up and fight We cannot cave in now We have to sacrifice all these sacred cows Paving our solidarity To upend a civilization that we do not decree Fire at will We lived so arrogantly Until the trumpets screamed and burned the tips of the angels wings So I'll die in shameful agony Knowing the Antichrist has a southern drawl just like me This war ignites the flames of anarchy Feeding on the sands of time Let's pass the bill to kill our supremacy I'll be the first in line Fire at will Fire at will Fire at our free will