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Big Pig Nobility (Forrest Jump)

Every time I´m affraid of speach smacked like salty tea Of smarmy faces smarmy smiles and smarmy lies told to me It suffocate my thoughts but I´m not tryin to hide They´ve made a beggar of the truth and now they spit slight by slight Without any remorse they lie through my teeth I know you know we know they know no one can breathe I may die but I know the reason why my wings bleed It´s brassy doctors brassy butchers brassy words made from greed Their eyes say please don´t fight There´s no way to escape And my hits answer them That I can´t only gape Their eyes … During days full of tears they build up fair fame In the morning in the evening no one´s to blame With shade of cruel in the voice they wear the numb uniforme Working hard ??? and inside me they can make a storm Liers but their impunity makes my days gray They long for having power and they have power to slay To be dependent on their will it´s insanity I feel like slave of them like slave of big pig nobility Don´t trust them I may … To be dependent on … Don´t trust them!