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Kill My Memories (Forrest Jump)

Let me see burning space Don´t try my eyes to incase Let me hear my own scream I don´t think my creed is grim I know it´s sweet to sate my mind By afterthoughts which are not tight It sounds like clear clarity Then killed by reality What you can´t understand Is my desire to forget And you´re right, black and white Some memories are truly bright Some are nice, touch and breath But some bring message of death I can´t decide which to keep All I want is dreamless sleep Waitin´ for lie is a weapon Fervent cusp aimed on me Go on, keep on firin´ Please shoot my memory Wanna be breakin´ the foolery I comple my soul to tease I saw my brain sick and rape me and burning Yeaaah, kill my memories Sound like warning device seems to be truly And I can´t hold back my tears Please, let me turning Yeaaah why not? Kill my memories Let me see burning space … You might think, I´ll deny What I saw but I´m not blind Every picture, every gaze Safely stored in mental space Like a stone, like a cross Not by purpose can be lost All the tears, all the fears All the shouting in my ears Wanna be breakin´ … So let me tear away from past Let me breathe This is the final word, the last Let me leave