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Get Outta My Head (Intwine)

Is it far from the place From the last time I saw your face Is it far from the time From the last time when you were mine Do you remember the lights in the sky We hear the voices crying through the night Get outta my head (6x) Well if you catch me sheddin tears, mama don't ya worry The pain's allright, it's the love that's deadly I'm gonna be well safe, it's just a hard memory Now everybody's chattin bout dem fish inna de sea Say I can't take to wait, I think I lost my bait Who would've thought I'd believe in fate One last grasp while I'm sinkin fast before it's too late Is it colder where you are Walk around with your tired heart Is it closer than it seems When happiness is just a part of your dreams Don't wanna remember the love that I knew Don't wanna remeber what I fell into Get outta my head (6x) I want you gone Baby dig no longer in my head Don't you run inside me Go away forever Leave me alone, all alone Get outta my head, you bitch Scan my brain doc, show me dem rotten cells The ones we'll have to kill to improve my mental health I'm gettin nowhere quick, I'm feelin sick The more I try to move, the more it sticks One shot led to nine or ten Lookin for a bliss, I need to feel high again Said I don't wanna go write another sad song Load up the bong and left it hit my mind strong You can take her off the earth, put her in the dirt But before ya bury her smek, sure she knows how it hurts Loved what she was never worth, curse of day of she birth Roger, throw her inna de sea in her iron shirt Get outta my head (12x)